Quotations are open for acceptance for 30 days from date of quote. To accept a quotation, please send us an email affirming your decision. Once a quotation is accepted by customer it becomes a binding contract, subject to these terms & conditions. Any cancellation must be confirmed by email and is subject to a 10% cancellation charge, plus any direct expenses already incurred at time of cancellation.

The scheduled stain application date is subject to change due to bad weather or other causes beyond our control. 5 STAR Fence Staining will take precaution and care to protect all vegetation, pools, concrete, homes, vehicles etc. from overspray. A small amount of stain should be expected on the grass around the perimeter of the fence which may cause it to turn brown temporarily.

5 STAR Fence Staining carries liability insurance and will not bring any injury claim arising from the fulfilment of this contract. Customer is responsible to secure any necessary approvals and to notify neighbours of the stain application date. If stain is being applied to customer’s side of the fence only, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform neighbours of the likelihood of some bleed-thru to the neighbour’s side of the fence. Some bleed-thru via knots or cracks is normal with a high quality penetrating oil stain such as Wood Defender. Customer will try to ensure that vehicles are parked as far away from the fence as possible. Customer will ensure fence is accessible and clear of debris or moveable objects within 2′ of the fence. Customer will make sure sprinklers are turned off for at least two days prior to stain application and at least one day after. Customer will make available a functioning 120V electrical outlet and water tap.


5 STAR Fence Staining honours the Wood Defender manufacturer’s warranty which is a pro-rated, product replacement guarantee against fading and mildew growth. The warranty period is 3 years on semi-transparent and 2 years on transparent stains. In real life, it is not uncommon for Wood Defender stains to last twice as long as the warranty period. The warranty does not cover damage caused by automatic sprinklers, vandalism or act of God. To make a warranty claim, first email us a copy of the original invoice including pictures and a description of stain issue. Once we receive this and ascertain the issue is covered by warranty we will re-stain according to the terms of the warranty in a timely manner.


No deposit is required at 5 STAR Fence Staining. Full payment is due and payable within 5 days after completion of the work according to the terms of the accepted quotation. An Eco fee on stain and GST are added to the invoice. Cheque, e-transfer or cash accepted. 2% per month will be charged on overdue amounts.

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