Thinking of selling your house?

You are thinking of selling your house, and you have the inside looking great, it has been repainted, floors and carpets renewed and everything looks great; but what about the outside of the house. Does it have street appeal? When you first drive up to the house does it immediately stand out from all the other homes? Langley Real Estate Agents suggest that it should.

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By this I mean is the driveway clean and tidy, is the edging of the grass cut and shaped nicely. By adding a small stone wall around the driveway against the grass can really make the driveway seem so much wider and cleaner and adding class to the whole home exterior.

Cutting the shrubs back and making them realistic to the size of the yard does amazing things to beautify the yard and can make it look larger. Keeping the childrens toys off the grass and out of sight along with miscellaneous junk you have laying around does wonders also.

On the sundeck if there is one, keep all your husbands golf and boating books off the table and sundeck flooring and his cigarette butts off the table or that tin can coffee can full of butts out of site. Clean the dog hair off the sundeck floor and wash the deck so it is clean.

Take those ripped and torn swings for two off the deck and to the garbage. Clean up underneath the deck of all junk, clothes, toys and dogs things. Take the birds nests out from under the soffits where screens should have been and repaint the eaves. Take the stairs into consideration also and clean them and paint them if necessary.

Take down any of the childrens swing sets that are old and dilapidated and cut the grass, by all means cut the grass. If the grass if is old and needs replaced dig it up and put in new grass. Trim and remove all old trees that have not grown properly and that are oversized for the size of the yard.

Make sure plenty of flowers are growing in neatly trimmed beds and hanging plants are all in the rights spots, watered and remove any dead plants. Keep the pots looking clean and painted if necessary and above all water your yard so things will grow.

Make sure the house and trim are all painted and fresh looking. Take down the Christmas lights if it is summer time and clean off the front deck. Make it homey feeling by putting out a small table and two chairs for when you want to come outside in the morning and smell the flowers while sipping your coffee.

Clean the windows on the exterior, and make sure any dog doo is cleaned off the lawn. Clean out the garage and make sure it is not cluttered with a big boat inside which will make it look small and all the junk you no longer need goes to the garbage dump. The garage should not be the storage place for everything that needs to go, according to Langley Real Estate Agents.

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