Renewable Electricity

Producing electricity by burning fossil fuels has many negative side effects. Colossal quantities of catastrophic gasses are being disposed of into the air. An incredible amount of solid waste material develops. The massive health and environmental problems that we face today are the consequence of these side effect. Because of this damage more and more people have turned to green renewable energy. These days, recycling is becoming more popular. Less plastic bags are being consumed and people look for renewable electricity.

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Fossil fuel resources are limited by nature. We don't just need electricity, we need to produce renewable electricity if we want to have a sustainable energy model. Solar and wind power as well as marine and geothermal energy are seen as such renewable green energy sources. The term green hints at the fact that these forms of energy come without the massive negative side effects of fossil fuels. They are known as green renewable energy sources for their ability to reload themselves.

Renewable green energy technologies based on solar and wind energy are currently the most developed. Solar and wind energy can be found anywhere. Before marine or geothermal energy can become a mainstream source of renewable electricity much more research is required. In the end, however, we don't have a choice: we need to convert to green renewable energy. We need to end our reliance on fossil fuel based energy.

Solar energy is definitely the most popular type of renewable green energy. Most people know those calculators that require some external light source before they can be switched on. These calculators are powered by the photovoltaic cells. These cells convert the sunlight into electric current. In our time it is not unusual to see houses where the hot water is generated using solar technology. This tool is defined as a solar collector. The first person to apply for a patent for this gadget was Horace de Saussine. It is amazing how many households already implemented this technology. With this free renewable green energy source the proprietors can start reducing their electric bill.

The usage of green renewable energy systems is already evident in many countries worldwide. It is very common in Japan and Israel to use solar collectors for the hot water preparation. In the United States this technology can still be developed further. According to many experts, however, the future is all about solar power.

Wind energy is the second most popular form of green renewable energy. All over the world more than 20,000 turbines are pumping water or producing renewable electricity. It is not hard to imagine that wind energy could provide most of the renewable green energy in a country where wind blows often and strongly. Energy generated using wind is also called green as the generation process does not produce any harmful gases. At the moment, wind energy as a technology to generate renewable electricity is seeing incredible growth rates. The industry leader are the United States. Europe is following closely behind.

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