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At 5 STAR Fence Staining we strongly believe that a job worth doing is worth doing well.

That’s why we use Wood Defender; the best commercial grade penetrating stain on the market today.

Wood Defender is applied using a professional spray rig built expressly for the product and its unique characteristics. This assures the correct application of the stain, allowing for maximum penetration of the wood.

To further improve quality control, all of our professional stain applicators are factory-trained and certified at the Wood Defender manufacturing & training facility in Mansfield TX.

We believe the best product should also be applied in the best possible way and up to date training & equipment is the key to achieve this. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to bring you outstanding customer service.

Our mission is to strive for excellence and to earn your trust. Our goal is to win your  100% satisfaction — and a favourable review!

Fence Staining & Restoration Service for Vancouver & Area

Wood Defender protects, seals and beautifies your fence for up to 5 years. Your choice of transparent or semi-transparent, available in a wide range of colours. Whether you are looking to preserve the fresh look of a brand new fence or restore an older greying fence — we can help!


Fence Repairs

To ensure your wood fence is in top shape prior to staining we can take care of anything from gate adjustments, replacing cracked pickets or leaning posts to replacement of fence sections.

Old Fence Rejuvenation

If you have an older wood fence that is greying or has black mold – not to worry – we have the remedy! First we remove the aging and mold with a careful bleach washing. After 2 – 3 days drying time, we can then safely apply Wood Defender – with amazing results!

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Here at 5StarFenceStaining we truly look at being a fence staining service incredibly earnestly. We know that unquestionably when individuals are browsing to obtain a first-class fence restoration service in Langley these people prefer the finest. As a result we do try to be really the finest fence staining service we all could be in British Columbia. It is really our dedication to absolutely being the finest that has generated us all this great honor with our own consumers.

Being a first-class fence restoration service in Langley we of course always aim to commit to hear each of our customers problems with great patience and without impatience. All of us of course take time. All of us really feel that it is very vital to make sure consumers feel understood and even taken care of.

Now there are truly not so many fence staining service that currently have the particular knowledge and track record to identify theirselves as being mentor within their sector. Combine that together with a increased degree of buyer assistance and we truly really feel we absolutely are the ideal first-class fence restoration service in Langley within British Columbia.

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Dedication to Top Quality - A First-class Fence Restoration Service In Langley and A First-class Fence Restoration Service In Langley

Our commitment to top quality is amazingly high. When you are endeavoring to be a first-class fence restoration service in Langley or a first-class fence restoration service in Langley, there's truly no other path but to give it your very best to excel. In case any specific client calls for added effort, we give this customer extra effort. Just about anything in order to be confident they are happy with all of us as a fence staining service. Understand, we do work with all of British Columbia, therefore feel free to email us.

Dedication - A First-class Fence Restoration Service In Langley and A First-class Fence Restoration Service In Langley

Our own clientele have sometimes labeled our business as a first-class fence restoration service in Langley, a first-class fence restoration service in Langley, a first-class fence restoration service in Langley and furthermore the leading British Columbia area fence staining service there could be! Honestly that would not take place if you're lacking incredibly diligent toil plus persistence for the all-important clientele and then the excellent quality bestowed in your completed work. Whenever you're searching to get a first-class fence restoration service in Langley, we all absolutely feel that we're honestly the right solution. Phone 5StarFenceStaining to explore the needs you have now! 604-363-8319.

Expertise - A First-class Fence Restoration Service In Langley and A First-class Fence Restoration Service In Langley

With virtually any field, experience certainly is a crucial ingredient relating to end results. In case you may be wanting a first-class fence restoration service in Langley, then this fact is definitely far more real. As a fence staining service, we all will certainly tell anyone decisively how the outcome is definitely defined through the practical knowledge of the firm you have been contracting. The enormously significant degree of experience which 5StarFenceStaining has got being a first-class fence restoration service in Langley, is exactly why you really should entrust all of us with your valued needs. If perhaps you are searching for a first-class fence restoration service in Langley, think of 5StarFenceStaining. Please contact us straightaway.

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