Flat roofs are not truly flat

Flat roofs are not truly flat but rather are built with a slope of about 10 degrees for water drainage. But because their pitch is so minimal, they offer several unique advantages to homeowners and the roofing contractors that work on them. Flat roofs are much easier and safer to inspect, clean, and repair. As a result, flat roofs often last a very long time since repairs can be made quickly and easily. When built well, flat roofs are also excellent for home insulation and can save energy by maximizing cooling of your home.

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Drainage and Flat Roofs

Because flat roofs have only slight slopes, a proper drainage system is crucial. To avoid the possibility of inadequate drainage, it's important to only hire a qualified roofing contractor with flat roof experience. The most common drainage method includes scuppers around the perimeter of theroof, which drain water off the edge.

Insulation of Flat Roofs

Homes built with flat roofs that are well insulated with foam can enjoy reduced utility bills and cooling costs. Saving energy this way helps the environment, but flat roofs also reflect less heat for an added eco-friendly benefit.

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