These types of projects offer the opportunity for financing/investment with funds, whose value is determined by the investors themselves. They give an actual chance to support and implement any innovative ideas. They set the beginning of a new culture for implementation of objectives/projects, useful both for authors and investors.

Project implementation depends on project scope and funds invested but also on promoting ideas.

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Presented are projects concerning business and innovations. The project presentation is followed by it's funding by those interested in it's implementation, receiving some payoff in return.

People who develop such projects are experts motivated by their own creative ideas, aspiring towards progress. Please take a look at the projects included in and choose the one that is closest to Your beliefs. You shall get the chance to support a certain concept without taking any unnecessary risks!

Being informed is of huge importance. This is why You shall be notified on the project organizer, their business plan or subject of activity, and of course, their end goal.

What is good about Crowdfunding is that You are offered the opportunity to invest an amount upon Your judgment. There is not any minimum or maximum limit You should comply with. Therefore this is an actually operating method.

You could get Yourself acquainted with the ways for financing in detail, reviewing the projects themselves where You shall find contact information.


A platform for crowd funding of any creative, business and social projects.

How does the platform work?

It connects undertakers, artists and public organizations with investors, sponsors, fans or simply people who would like to support their projects. Through MEANRICH thousands of users could donate or invest small amounts, collecting serious means to support various projects.

Why should I invest?

Taking part in the crowd funding process each one of us could feel satisfied that they support any interesting and valuable projects they like. Even if we do not have any significant funds, in this way we could participate in meaningful initiatives with small amounts and still know that our support has been of importance.

How long will it take for the undertaker/artist to collect the funds needed?

The maximum term for collecting the funds within a campaign is six months. It should be noted that if the amount is collected before this term, the campaign shall not be terminated and shall continue until the preliminary set final date. The rule could be only of use for the applicant since they can thus attract additional funds for the project implementation.

What happens when the undertaker/artist collects the specified amount?

Despite the fact that MEANRICH is not responsible for the applicant`s moral qualities, our team shall continue to follow their activity and shall inform the website users for the project development. The applicant shall be able to update their profile in MEANRICH by themselves, informing on the project progress. Moreover, our team shall post any latest information on the project on the News and Blog web pages.

If the applicant, who has collected the necessary funds, has undertaken the obligation to issue any certificates, electronic documents or other materials expressing their gratitude to the persons who have financed their project, they shall be responsible for doing so within the preliminary specified period of time. In the even the applicant has promised that the donators or part of them shall receive the end product of their business, it is again a responsibility of the applicant to provide the product within that period. In cases when the undertaker, looking for funding, has promised to provide part of their business, then he/she and the investors shall arrange their legal relations on ownership transfer, after which the platform shall provide the money to the undertaker.

How to register?

Registration in MEANRICH is easy, quick and consists of creating a user name and a password.

How to create my project?

The process of creating a new campaign/project in MEANRICH is also quite facilitated. Our advice, however, is not to underestimate the step but work on every detail on the presentation, conveying all the passion and vision of Your project to the website visitors and the potential investors. The website allows for the posting of various multimedia materials (video, photos and other) and we recommend that You take advantage of all opportunities.

How to invest?

After selecting a project in MEANRICH You like and would like to finance, the investment process is easy and quick taking effect through several clicks. The website allows for payments through wire transfers, credit card and PayPal, and the currency is in dollars.

Who can invest?

All citizens of age of any state, which is not a subject of embargo or is not included in the UN prohibitive list.

Who can create a project in MEANRICH?

Any projects in which funding is non-repayable or against a certificate/gift/product, could be created by any citizen of age of any state, which is not a subject of embargo or is not included in the UN prohibitive list.

Could I collect more funds than the specified amount?

Yes, there is no upper limit for the amount Your project could raise and this depends only on how much the donators/investors will like it. The whole amount, collected at the final date and hour of the campaign, shall be transferred after deducting the due BGINING commission rate.

Could I post more than one project?

Yes, there is no limit in the project number to post for funding, but the projects should differ. Please, consider also that the more distracted You are by the different projects, the more difficult it shall be for You to meet Your commitment to the donators/investors.

Could I invest in my own project?

Yes, there are no limits in this respect.

Could I participate in MEANRICH, while collecting money through another crowd funding website?


What is the commission MEANRICH gets from projects?

MEANRICH receives a commission in the amount of 5% of the sum collected during the campaign.

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