Review Tempted By His Target

How do you turn a spoiled self indulgent, indiscriminate, addict partyer into a sympathetic heroine? By having her think she killed someone, then escape responsibilty to Mexico for years, by surfing, having her flourish in that self imposed exile, then giving her a hot US Marshall on her trail to make sure she doesn't get picked up by her dead friend's drug cartel running father who wants to punish her for his death and beat her into submission.

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Okay so Isabel is not the most sympathetic heroine ever. But she is interesting. She's a woman who has beaten drug and alcohol addiction alone, while on the run from a Mexican Drug cartel and the American authorities. She's a woman who has rebuilt her life from the pampered spoiled existence of a rich party girl, to the struggle for survival of a woman on the run.

While we didn't get to know Isabel as well as I wanted to, we did get to know about her and get to see her interact with Ben as they ran from the cartel. What we get to know about Isabel is she is not a woman to be cowed by anyone, and even after everything she'd been through her first thoughts we're all about protecting Ben and her family.

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