Acer is hacked after Sony

Acer Inc., a Taiwan based computer maker said that a security breach has exposed customers names, emails and product serial numbers. However, according to what was reported by Bloomberg, no credit card or other personal information was compromised at it's Packard Bell unit. Its said to have involved 40,000 of the worlds third-largest computer maker's customers information. The breach was first reported a week ago by the Hacker News. Just 2 months back, Sony, the biggest electronic consumer product maker in Japan was hacked and customer's information was stolen. The losses for them we're huge.

Things in Acer don't seem to be that bad though. After all, credit card information are the most important information for users. This also proves that the security measure taken by these companies aren't enough to stop hackers from getting their valuable information. They have to start using more secure methods to store their information.

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It is not the first bad news for the company. Just last week, it's shares tumbled the most in 13 years in Taipei trading. The shares fell down to NT$51.90, pushing the stock as the worst performer in it's place this year. The total lost was calculated to be $150 million, further undermined investor confidence in the companys stability. It was a mismanagement issue that caused it just like the issues before this. They have considered to eliminate over 300 jobs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and reducing the board of directors bonuses.

Compensation, including severance pay, will cost the company up to $30 million. Acer is set to enter the tablet market to fight Apple by next quarter. It will certainly be hard for Acer to regain investors confidence and this latest news is just going to make things worse. It looks like their share price will remain under pressure until they at least resolve the issue.

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