Bathroom wallpaper troubles

Bobby called me the other day about a tile and paint job on Emily Street. We arrived at the house and met with the home owners to see exactly what they wanted done. They took us to their bathrooms and showed us what had happened to their bathroom walls. It appeared that the steam from their showers had caused water stains on the walls throughout both bathrooms. The owners we're looking to add tile above their bath tub surround and a new paint job. They we're also looking to add a tiled back-splash to their kitchen counter walls. We went ahead and took some measurements to install tile for a kitchen counter back-splash and tile above the two bathroom shower tubs. We also took some measurements to paint both of their bathroom walls.

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We came up with a reasonable price for the labor and brought a couple of different tiles we had purchased at a local hardware store for them to select from. The owners we're able pick out the tile they wanted installed on their bathroom walls and for the kitchen back-splash.

We started by preparing the bathroom walls for the tile installation. It took Bobby and I about two days to install the tiles above the shower surround in both bathrooms.

We then started tiling the kitchen back-splash in a diamond pattern. The kitchen back-splash took us an additional two days to install.We allowed the tiles to completely dry before we started the grouting process.

We then started grouting the bathrooms and kitchen counter back-splash tiles. We then allowed the grout to dry enough to start wiping off the excess grout left behind during the grouting process.We allowed the grout to completely dry before wiping off the hazing that was left behind on the tiles. We applied a grout sealer to both bathroom tiles and the kitchen back-splash tiles.

We came back a couple of days later and met with the owners for them to pick out the paint colors they desired for their bathroom walls. We went to our local hardware store and purchased the paint and other necessary supplies needed to complete the paint job. We started painting the hallway bathroom the same day. We came back the next day and started painting the second bathroom. At this point, we had already applied one coat of paint on both bathroom walls. We then applied a second coat to both of the bathroom walls and got the desired paint coverage on both bathroom walls.

The owners we're very pleased with the outcome.and so were we!

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