Wood Defender is a commercial grade paraffinic oil-based penetrating stain which is also a sealer and preservative. Specifically formulated for harsh climates, VOC-compliant Wood Defender has the right combination of fungicides, mildewcides and UV inhibitors to protect your fence throughout the life of the product. Wood Defender will help your fence repel water and resist cupping, splitting and warping by adding the necessary oils back into the wood. And not only fences, Wood Defender is ideal for decks, siding, gazebos and playground equipment!

A key advantage of Wood Defender over film forming stains or paint is its ability to fully soak into the ends of the fence boards. This hard-to-reach area is usually enclosed by the rails or retaining strips. It tends to trap moisture and debris which encourages rot and is often the first place the fence will fail over time. Wood Defender’s unique penetrating and wicking action ensures the protection of this critical area.

By applying Wood Defender soon after your new fence is built and every 3-5 years after, your cedar fence can last as long as aluminum or vinyl fences. A natural cedar fence, built properly, can be expected to last 15-30 years. When stained regularly with Wood Defender, a cedar fence not only retains that vibrant, fresh look but also extends the life expectancy to 25 – 40 years!

Wood Defender semi-transparent stain comes with a factory-backed 3 year prorated product replacement warranty against fading and mildew growth. Wood Defender transparent fence stain and deck stain both have similar 2 year warranties. The factory warranty is very conservative considering the professional quality of the product. In real life, it is not uncommon for Wood Defender stains to last twice as long as their stated warranty.

Deck and Fence Stains

All chart colours are shown on spruce. Wood type, age, colour, texture, grain and condition may change the final result. Test product on a small sample of the wood you are going to finish before proceeding.

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