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Fence Staining & Restoration 

5 STAR Fence Staining specializes in maintaining cedar fences to the highest standard. Serving all of metro Vancouver, let us guard your investment and make your fence look great with Wood Defender penetrating oil stain!

Wood Defender Protects

wooddefenderWood Defender protects, seals and beautifies your fence for up to 5 years with one application. Re-coats are a snap with no surface prep needed (unlike film forming stains or paint which will crack, flake and peel).

Your choice of transparent or semi-transparent, available in a wide range of colours. Whether you are looking to preserve that “fresh cedar” look of a brand new fence or restore an older, greying fence – we can help!

The Wood Defender staining program guarantees your investment is protected and looks good all the time!

Colour Chart

stainingAll chart colours are shown on spruce. Wood type, age, colour, texture, grain and condition may change the final result. Test product on a small sample of the wood you are going to finish before proceeding.

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Call Now! We’ll answer your questions and provide a great quote.

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Here at 5StarFenceStaining we honestly take being a fence staining service quite gravely. We realize that undeniably when consumers are looking to obtain a terrific Langley BC fence staining service these people prefer the finest. Continuously we do attempt to be the best fence staining service we possibly can be in British Columbia. It's our devotion to truly embodying the standout that has earned us all this good respect here with our backbone clients.

As a terrific Langley BC fence staining service all of us also always strive to remember to answer every clienteles' concerns with extreme diligence and devoid of delay. We all inevitably devote the time. All of us feel that it's incredibly essential to guarantee consumers truly feel understood and also cared for.

There are truly not very many fence staining service who currently have the exact skill set combined with background to label theirselves as being front runner of their field. Mix that together with our high degree of client assistance and we feel we're absolutely the greatest terrific Langley BC fence staining service inside British Columbia.

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We will be delighted to talk about your fence staining service requirements in great detail over the telephone or perhaps by way of e mail if perhaps that is preferable for you. Following this we can easily suggest the choice that most effective works with your circumstances. Hear why people call us one of the best terrific Langley BC fence staining service!

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Our dedication to excellence is definitely extremely excessive. In case you are wanting to be a terrific Langley BC fence staining service or a terrific Langley BC fence staining service, there's truly no other choice but to give it your level best possible in order to exceed expectations. If perhaps a specific customer needs added effort, all of us supply that customer extra attention. Whatever's necessary to be able to make sure they are completely satisfied with us all as a fence staining service. Note, we do assistance almost all of British Columbia, and so please get in touch.

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Our valued customers have indeed mentioned our business as a terrific Langley BC fence staining service, a terrific Langley BC fence staining service, a terrific Langley BC fence staining service and also the finest British Columbia area fence staining service there could be! That won't take place without extremely hard toil in addition to commitment to the clients and the unparalleled quality bestowed in your completed product. In case you might be searching for a terrific Langley BC fence staining service, all of us absolutely feel that we are truly the preferred choice. Contact 5StarFenceStaining to discuss your current situation today! 604-363-8319.

Skill - A Terrific Langley BC Fence Staining Service and A Terrific Langley BC Fence Staining Service

In any specific business, experience is definitely a key aspect with regards to end results. In case you're looking for a terrific Langley BC fence staining service, well this is still more real. Being a fence staining service, all of us will definitely tell you undeniably that the ultimate outcome is very much influenced simply by the know-how of the business you are employing. The large volume of practical experience that 5StarFenceStaining has in being a terrific Langley BC fence staining service, is simply just why you actually have to believe in us all with your invaluable business. If perhaps you might be browsing to get a terrific Langley BC fence staining service, look into 5StarFenceStaining. Remember to communicate with us all without delay.

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