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Fence Staining & Restoration 

5 STAR Fence Staining specializes in maintaining cedar fences to the highest standard. Serving all of metro Vancouver, let us guard your investment and make your fence look great with Wood Defender penetrating oil stain!

Wood Defender Protects

wooddefenderWood Defender protects, seals and beautifies your fence for up to 5 years with one application. Re-coats are a snap with no surface prep needed (unlike film forming stains or paint which will crack, flake and peel).

Your choice of transparent or semi-transparent, available in a wide range of colours. Whether you are looking to preserve that “fresh cedar” look of a brand new fence or restore an older, greying fence – we can help!

The Wood Defender staining program guarantees your investment is protected and looks good all the time!

Colour Chart

stainingAll chart colours are shown on spruce. Wood type, age, colour, texture, grain and condition may change the final result. Test product on a small sample of the wood you are going to finish before proceeding.

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Within virtually any sector, knowledge is definitely a principal ingredient in terms of end results. If perhaps you may be needing a reputable Langley based fence staining company, well this is much more real. Being a fence staining service, we will certainly explain to anyone firsthand that the ultimate outcome is undoubtedly measured through the experience of the firm that you've been contracting. The excessively large magnitude of past experience which 5star fence staining offers being a reputable Langley based fence staining company, is simply the reason anyone ought to trust us with your invaluable critical needs. In case you might be searching to get a reputable Langley based fence staining company, believe in 5star fence staining. Remember to contact all of us immediately.

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